MasterCard Online Casinos in Nigeria

Last updated: 27.02.2022
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Credit cards of the MasterCard brand remain an extremely popular option to conduct payments with online casinos. Credit, debit and prepaid cards of this globally recognized financial corporation are issued in almost every financial institution in Nigeria and are accepted in many online casinos and sportsbooks in this country. Increasingly more punters from Nigeria start using MasterCard products for their routine gambling transactions for a good reason: this is a quick, safe and time-proven solution that allows every player to move funds to the casino balance in leaps and bounds.

MasterCard solutions for gambling

You can use any type of card to handle your payments with online casinos. Cards differ in some important aspects like spending limits, interest rates, service fees and more. At the same time, all of them provide world-class security and convenience for online gambling:

  • Debit cards: a customer may transfer only own funds available on the bank account
  • Credit cards: a customer is entitled to utilize the borrowed funds within the spending limits established by the issuing bank
  • Prepaid cards: just the same as a normal debit card except that a customer needs to top it up. Prepaid cards are not linked to a bank account

MasterCard deposit to online casinos

Online casinos that use MasterCard take pride in handling hassle-free transactions that occur at a quick pace. In order to deposit money to the Cashier, you are to visit your preferred online casino, select the Credit Cards option (it can contain a few CC brands, incl. Visa as well) and enter all the details in mandatory fields such as the card number (16 digits), expiration date (usually printed on its front side), the amount you would like to get deposited and some other details. If the MasterCard was issued in a Nigerian bank, it is very likely to be linked to a Naira bank account, meaning you can transfer the amount in your local currency.

MasterCard withdrawal from online casinos

To withdraw funds from the online casino, you need to take a few steps. If this is the first time you cash out funds from the specific gambling site, you need to submit a few documents for identity verification, so mind this. Withdrawal requests are typically approved within 1–3 days, after which the casino administration release the money.

MasterCard fees and limits

If you move funds from your bank account to a merchant (or the other way round), there are no transaction fees whatever. But online casinos that accept MasterCard often impose their own withdrawal commissions and fees that fluctuate between one and three percent. You should find it out reading the withdrawal rules of the online casino you are in.

Banks in Nigeria that issue MasterCard products always fix certain daily (weekly) limits on online shopping (this implies online casino deposits). However, the majority of banks cater to the needs of their loyal customers and can increase the limits on a permanent basis or for a single transaction only. Gambling sites also introduce their own limits on MasterCard transactions, with lower and upper amounts normally being from $10 to $5000. VIP players with long track record may count on more favorable terms and conditions in this respect.

Pros and cons to using MasterCard with online casinos

As a widely accepted credit card option, MasterCard has numerous strong points for a regular online casino player:

  • There are many bookies and online casinos that list MasterCard as an accepted option
  • You can easily acquire a card at almost any branch in your city
  • Transactions are free or come with very low fees
  • MasterCard put in place many security layers and protocols reducing the risk of fraud

Notwithstanding its stunning reliability and reputation in the world, MasterCard has a few cons that you should be aware of:

  • Your gambling transaction may be blocked or rejected because of bank policies. You should consult your bank’s employees, asking them if deposits and withdrawals performed with a gambling purpose are permitted
  • Cashout can last longer than expected (up to a few days).

Summary to MasterCard

A go-to option in Nigeria, MasterCard offers an easy way to handle your payments to/from betting sites. Whether you have a credit or debit card, it is just a matter of minutes to get funds deposited to the casino balance in the easiest way.

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